Even though this is our second post (we anxiously got our first post out when we found a phishing scam on Facebook), we would like to welcome you to the SafeToBe.Me blog.  We will be using this blog to give updates on the SafeToBe.Me service, to communicate security threats as we find them, and to communicate our perspectives on staying safe in the social world.  To get things started, we thought it would be useful if we provided some background on why we started SafeToBe.Me…

The Social Web, which includes services like Facebook and Twitter, has changed the way people interact.  It has also changed the way cyber crooks work.  Historically, cyber crooks went after computers and networks.  So security tools were traditionally geared towards protecting those resources.  Your router/firewall is protecting your home network and your anti-virus software is protecting your computer from being infected.  Now, cyber crooks are focusing directly on You.  They are not going after you physically; they are going after you where you spend your time online, which for many of us today are in social networks like Facebook.

Social networks are great.  They let us keep in touch with friends, even when they are not physically close to us.  We can easily see what our friends are doing and we can share our thoughts with them.  Social networks, like Twitter, also let us find people with similar interests, as well as explore new interests.  They are also great communication networks because when we share something interesting, our friends can share it with their friends and so on. Social networks also give us a feeling of security because we are familiar with most people we are communicating with and when we are talking to strangers, we are out of their direct physical reach.  And, a nice aspect of using social networks today is that we don’t have to be at our own computer to participate.  We can use smart phones and devices like the iPad.  All of these factors that make social networks great, however, are also the same reasons why social networks are an ideal attack ground for a new generation of cyber attacks.  These attacks are everything from simple SPAM and scams, to various forms of social abuse, to more complex identity theft type attacks that try to gain access to your account.

We started SafeToBe.Me to fight off this new social form of cyber attacks.  So that you can enjoy participating in the Social Web.  So that you can be you, safely.