We have found another phishing scam targeting Texas HoldEm Poker players. This one is more sophisticated than the previous one in that it uses a slightly modified real Zynga email and webpage.

Starting on the bait app’s page, we see this:

This looks almost exactly like the real Zynga welcome email you receive when you join the game. In fact, the links in the fine print at the bottom are real links to Zynga.

The green Claim Chips box and the “click here to claim up to 10 million chips!” link both lead to http://zyngateam-specialbonus.t35.com/zyngateam/specialbonus/freechip/online/zynga-poker/register2.php .

It looks like this:

Oh wow! 10 million dollars! Never mind that the second sentence makes no sense at all.

The other link leads to http://zyngateam-specialbonus.t35.com/zyngateam/specialbonus/freechip/online/zynga-poker5m/register2.php where you only “win” $5 million.

Too bad.

Aside from the toxic input fields in the center, everything else on these pages is a direct copy of a legitimate Zynga page.

Anything you enter in the two boxes in the middle is sent to the scammers when you click Submit and the browser is then redirected to this real Zynga page.

This page contains a warning from Zynga that you should not get chips from any third-party source.

These scammers sure have an interesting sense of humor.