Here is another phishing scam. This one is aimed at getting your Facebook username and password.

This is what you see when you visit

The app promises to provide “live sex” after logging in through the application box. Note that I am already logged in to Facebook (top right of the page). See the dilemma?

Taking a closer look, the login box is a rather good replica of the real Facebook login form. However, the junk surrounding it is a dead giveaway. After entering something into the boxes, it tells you that the Email/Password combo is wrong (even if it was correct) and asks for your information again.

For many, the logical response is to click and reset their password. By doing that, the “reset your password here” link leads to, but whatever was there seems to have been removed and we are given a 404 error page.

Clicking the login button on this second page will initiate a download of a 33MB .zip file that actually turns out to be in .rar format (go figure). It contains 9 porn clips in .3gp format. These porn clips are not what was requested, but are now on the computer. Like all porn pop-ups, these will inevitably keep popping up at the most inopportune times.

Interesting side note: These guys might have actually left pictures of themselves on their site, too.