Last week, we published the first of our weekly “Top 10” lists on the most dangerous and spamiest Facebook Pages.  If you would like to see last week’s lists and understand how we come up with the lists, check out our initial post here.

Here are this week’s Top 10 lists…

Most Dangerous

Rank Last Week’s Ranking Facebook Page Threat Count Last Week’s Threat Count
1 1 Justin Bieber 1236 670
2 34 Twilight 701 43
3 2 Texas Hold’em Poker 503 239
4 23 Dirty Dancing 483 55
5 101 Harry Potter 465 25
6 117 Usher 437 22
7 Mama Mary 418
8 22 Michael Jackson 407 55
9 48 Lil Wayne 405 38
10 37 YouTube 402 42


Rank Last Week’s Ranking Facebook Page Threat Count Last Week’s Spam Count
1 Lil Wayne 2150
2 Texas Hold’em Poker 2047
3 3 FrontierVille 1926 1155
4 Drake 1706
5 1 FarmVille 1622 1489
6 42 Underground & Gangsta Rap 1598 167
7 Justin Bieber 1512
8 2 Wiz Khalifa 1402 1477
9 63 Mafia Wars 1329 120
10 63 Fikra ve Espiri Dünyasi 1243 120

A few notes about this week’s lists:

Last week our “Top 10” included many social games.  This week we are seeing more celebrity pages included.  Perhaps this is tied to current events.  For example, Lil Wayne was just released from jail and has had a resurgence in news exposure this past week.  It will be interesting to continue tracking this trend in the coming weeks.

A lot of the activity related to the “most dangerous” list was due to a malicious application outbreak on November 17.  The app enticed the user with “See the shocking video of the 1-year-old girl who CARRIES TWIN SISTER inside belly.”  To see the video, the user had to authorize the application.  Once authorized, the app proceeded to spam the user and possibly the user’s fan pages to propagate, or spread.

A point of interest is the inclusion of Mama Mary, a Facebook page dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  We don’t usually see religious-centered pages enter into the Top 10.  This one seems to be an instance of collateral damage.  The same malware application spammed to most of the rest of the Top 10 ended up covering this page.