A popular and heavily pushed scam this week focuses on using people to propagate the spam.  The tactic results from scammers trying to get around the normal spam blockers.  What better way to spread spam than using human subjects?

The bait is usually some free in-game cash or some other unfair advantage in popular Facebook games.  We have seen many examples of these promises across the social games.

Here is one promising “Free Farmville Cash”:

The way the scam works is they promise to deliver something that they obviously cannot. In exchange, they claim, all you need to do is: 1. like their page, 2. share it, and 3. spam some message (almost always with a link back to the site) to some arbitrary amount of pages.

Like this:

Of course the end result of all this is you don’t get what was promised, and the spammer now has you broadcasting his garbage everywhere.

Here are some more examples:

This one targets Minecraft:

Keep in mind that there are a great deal more of these out there using all sorts of bait. The base scam is the same though, trying to get regular Facebook users to do the spamming for them.