We are continuing with our weekly “Top 10” lists of the most dangerous and spamiest Facebook Pages.  If you would like to read how we come up with the lists, check out our initial post here but here is how we define each category…

Most Dangerous Category: This category could be a post or comment containing a dangerous link.  These links can lead to malware, phishing, or suspicious/dangerous Facebook applications that gather personal information and use people’s accounts for spam.

Spamiest Category: The spam noted could be Wall spam or comment spam.  All the spam messages included in the tally contain at least one URL and have been posted multiple times across different pages and post comments.

Here is this week’s Top 10 lists.

Most Dangerous

Rank Last Week’s Ranking Facebook Page Threat Count Last Week’s Threat Count
1 1 Justin Bieber 1437 1236
2 5 Harry Potter 379 465
3 2 Twilight 379 701
4 9 Lil Wayne 375 405
5 44 FarmVille 345 201
6 6 Usher 334 437
7 3 Texas Hold’em Poker 324 503
8 14 Shakira 302 380
9 13 Linkin Park 284 383
10 22 AKON 269 272


Rank Last Week’s Ranking Facebook Page Threat Count Last Week’s Spam Count
1 1 Lil Wayne 2253 2150
2 2 Texas Hold’em Poker 2116 2047
3 4 Drake 1475 1706
4 16 Real Madrid C.F. 1415 857
5 21 FarmVille Cows 1325 722
6 19 FarmVille Sheep 1188 756
7 8 Wiz Khalifa 1170 1402
8 7 Justin Bieber 1133 1512
9 15 FC Barcelona 867 878
10 Michael Jackson 784

A few notes about this week’s list:

Looking at the dangerous listing, we are seeing a correlation between the pages targeted and celebrity news.  For example Justin Bieber, Usher, Twilight, Lil Wayne, and Harry Potter were in the Top 10 last week and continue to be a presence this week.  We are also seeing a reemergence of the various Zynga games.  This holds true from last week.  We expect to continue to see the same trend over the coming weeks.

As for the spamiest list, this week is showing multiple social game pages, celebrity pages, and even some soccer team pages.  We are expecting to see a continuous presence of social games in this category.  We may be seeing the soccer teams because of a few matches played in the last week. Due to the appearance of the teams of the field, we may assume there was an increase of visits to their Facebook pages.