SafeToBe.Me was created to help monitor and inform consumers of privacy and security issues in Facebook.  The application looks for spam, malware, phishing scams, automatic file downloads, and strong language.  SafeToBe.Me scans Facebook Pages, status updates, comments to statuses, and application posts, and notifies users of any potential spam or danger.  To better inform consumers, today we are releasing our first weekly “Top 10” list of the Facebook Pages containing the most dangerous content and the most spam.

Overall we monitor the Top 5000 popular Facebook Pages and any pages “liked” by our users.  We scan those pages for instances of spam or potentially dangerous links.  Even if a page falls out of the Top 5000 Facebook Pages, we keep it in our monitoring rotation.  Threats are typically found in posts by users on the Wall of a page or in comments made to a status update posted on a page.  We’ve broken done the categories into “Most Dangerous” and “Spamiest”.  Below are descriptions of these categories.

Most Dangerous Category: This category could be a post or comment containing a dangerous link. These links can lead to malware, phishing, or suspicious/dangerous Facebook applications that gather personal information and use people’s accounts for spam.

Spamiest Category: The spam noted could be Wall spam or comment spam. All the spam messages included in the tally contain at least one URL and have been posted multiple times across different pages and post comments.

Thus we present this week’s Top 10 lists.

Most Dangerous
Rank Facebook Page Threat Count
1 Justin Bieber 670
2 Texas Hold’em Poker 239
3 Social City 228
4 YoVille 210
5 FarmVille 187
6 FarmVille Cows 157
7 Cafe World 136
8 Restaurant City 112
9 FarmVille Sheep 100
Rank Facebook Page Spam Count
1 FarmVille 1489
2 Wiz Khalifa 1477
3 FrontierVille 1155
4 Michael Jackson 900
5 FarmVille Cows 616
6 KopTuq mu xDe..! 596
7 FarmVille Sheep 533
8 FC Barcelona 530
9 Amr Khaled 526
10 T.I. 479

Notice that many of the Facebook Pages in our rankings are social games.  We know that social games are very popular on Facebook so it is not a surprise that malware and spam pushers are focusing on this category.